Inner Talk for Peace of Mind (Audio CD)
Susan Jeffers, Ph.D.

Inner Talk for Peace of Mind uses calming affirmations and healing music to help listeners find the place within themselves that is powerful and loving and has nothing to fear. Susan Jeffers' inspiring affirmations give listeners a wonderful sense of safety, while helping them to understand that they can handle any problem and overcome any fear that life hands them. This CD is perfect listening morning, noon, and night to help you to find a place of peace within yourself and to soothe your inner turmoil.

The Fear-Less series offers positive inspiration in an easy-to-listen to package of audio CDs. Each one hour CD contains a series of positive affirmations set against a background of soothing music followed by continuing soothing music interspersed with occasional words of encouragement. Positive affirmations are widely recognized as a valuable tool for empowering the mind, building confidence to make changes in one's life and pushing through negative emotions. Try each of the three Fear-Less CDs, and find out for yourself how powerful and loving they can help you to be.

Duration: One hour ISBN: 0-9745776-0-X $12.95


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