Michael C. Rann
Michael C. Rann Michael C. Rann and Elizabeth Rann Arrott are a former husband-wife team who were responsible for many outstanding success stories in the Chicago marketing and advertising industry. They now bring the same energy and synergy to the literary world with Shortcut to a Miracle, their first book together.

Both are versatile, multi-talented individuals with a rare combination of experience and abilities.

Michael has an extensive background as a professional musician, a highly successful career in show business, direct experience in the promotion, production, direction and performance of radio and television shows, and an outstanding sales career.

In show business, he demonstrated his versatility in popular music as well as in his formal training (DePaul University) for the operatic stage. He had his own TV show and later became a well known conductor and arranger.

In sales, he began as a part-time salesman in an automobile agency, worked his way up to assistant manager and then sales manager, and at age 28 became the general manager of four automobile agencies in Chicagoland with a total of 300 employees. Several years later, he joined the Aetna Life Insurance Company and, during his first year in the business became the number one salesman in the Midwest (the first time this had been done), ranking 43rd out of 4,500 nationwide.

He moved into the field of advertising and became the Executive Vice President of a well-known Chicago based agency. It was here that Michael and Elizabeth met when she joined the agency and later became Vice President. Subsequently, they opened their own award-winning agency which quickly gained prominence and recognition - and clients who stayed with them for many years.

Michael's first book, Effective Radio Advertising, was self-published and, although it had limited distribution, was used by The American Broadcasting Company in training its sales force in several markets.

He also has two self-published booklets, Something Good Is About to Happen, and The Power of Commitment, both of which outline basic success principles on which he has structured his life. Many readers have told him these books have changed the course of their lives.

Some thirty years ago, both Michael and (soon thereafter) Elizabeth began to study with some of the finest teachers in the Science of Mind. Both are now teachers, practitioners and ministers of Religious Science International.

Michael is currently Pastor of the First Church of Religious Science in Chicago and Elizabeth is Pastor of Religious Science of the North Shore in Evanston, Illinois. Both dedicate their time to teaching, counseling and showing others what can be accomplished by using the mind in a positive way.

In addition to her pastoral duties, Elizabeth is also District President for the states of Illinois and Wisconsin for the International New Thought Alliance.

She is a graduate of Michigan State University where she majored in Literature and Psychology.

She has an outstanding business background (including work as an Administrative Assistant at Argonne National Laboratory) as well as a highly successful sales career. She also has a series of "first"s in her life - including having been the first female sales representative hired by Monarch Life Insurance Company - where she was admitted to President's Club in her first year.

In addition to her work on Shortcut to a Miracle, Elizabeth has done substantial research and writing on a book-in-process covering the esoteric "thread of truth" that has come down through the ages and is today known as New Thought. This research goes back to the ancient mysteries and has come forward through the writings of Pythagoras, the philosophers of the Golden Age of Greece, Plotinus, Paracelsus, Phinneas Parkhurst Quimby, Emma Curtis Hopkins and others - to Charles Fillmore and Ernest Holmes. She interrupted her work on this book to join with Michael in writing Shortcut to a Miracle.

Although their marriage has ended, their working relationship continues to flourish - something many would consider a miracle in and of itself!

Both Michael and Elizabeth are charismatic and dynamic speakers whose philosophy of life is one of success - for themselves - and for all those around them.

Both are residents of Chicago.

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