LIFE IS HUGE! Laughing, Loving and Learning From It All
Susan Jeffers, Ph.D.

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The much-loved author who brought us Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway and many other top self-help books, now brings us a collection of 50 warm, witty and wise articles that capture the "hugeness" of life ... and the immense power within us all to live with greater joy. It is the perfect read for today's busy world.

Like life itself, Life is Huge! is rich with the kind of experiences and emotions that make us stop, think and appreciate. There are how-to's on relationships (dating, keeping it sizzling, trust…) and surviving the holidays (focusing on abundance, becoming an instant "angel" and lightening up...). There are hilarious stories (many from Susan's past) and illuminating experiences (such as an amazing party that helps us manifest our dreams...) Susan moves us deeply as she recounts how real people have found goodness in crisis and tragedy, including her own experience with breast cancer.

5½ x 8¼ 272 pages 2005 ISBN: 0-9745776-7-7 $14.95

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In her inviting style, Susan doesn't shy away from taking a stand, with penetrating reflections on parenting, the media, September 11th and important world issues. Whether the article is playful, poignant or inspiring... they ALL help us realize how we can be happier...and how we can purposefully create a more loving world.

In Life is Huge!, Susan shares her heart, her humor and her journey. It's this willingness to be an active participant in learning alongside her readers that makes the book stand out. Susan wins our trust, motivating us to live from the highest part of who we are.

The profound truths contained in this book, with all of Susan Jeffers' trademark warmth and enthusiasm, will make you laugh, make you cry, make you reach out and embrace all of life.

Excerpt - "Single-Hood": A Journey Into Wholeness

I know that many of you are single and are dismayed about not being "double." I am here to tell you not to be dismayed. You have a great opportunity for discovering much about becoming whole. I was single for twelve years between my marriages, and I know whereof I speak. I wouldn't have traded that valuable time for anything. I learned first hand that those who lament single-hood are not paying attention to all the value that could be gained and the fun that could be had by being a single person.

One of the problems with those who are unhappy with the singles scene is that they tend to live a very negative kind of life.

"Why didn't he call."
"My life is so boring."
"Everyone's getting married, except me."

I learned from my own experience that if you really want to enjoy those single years, it is time to get rid of the negativity and get "BIGGER" about life.

"I signed up for a great trip!"
"I'm volunteering for a special charity!"
"I'm going back to college!"

It's time to make yours a life of exclamation marks!!! Fill it up with many wonderful things including friends, opportunities for personal growth and contribution to the community.

It is important to avoid the "poor us" conversations with friends. Conversations should be about how much there is to do, to learn and to celebrate about life. And laugh a lot! If your complaint-buddies continue complaining, it's time to change friends. Up-beat friends are so important for keeping spirits high.

It makes sense that if we learn to enjoy single-hood, we will be better equipped to enjoy married-hood. The neediness disappears, the confidence appears, and love is free to radiate out all over the place. Just remember that a great marriage requires two whole people. And single-hood is the perfect arena for learning how to be a whole person. When Mr. Right comes along, it's nice when Ms. Right is there to greet him, and vice versa.

Always remember that neediness is an enemy of love. We are told that one of the greatest love stories ever written is Romeo and Juliet. Between you and me, it really is one of the sickest love stories ever written! (Sorry about that, Shakespeare!) Two teenagers who kill themselves because they couldn't live without each other. Pathetic! I suspect the relationship would have broken up in six months anyway. Why? Because they were too needy! Neediness eventually turns into blame. "Why aren't you making me happy?" Goodbye, relationship! Does this sound familiar?

I think we're all tired of such child-like scenarios. We'd much prefer a really grown-up and satisfying kind of love. To me. . .

A healthy love isn't about someone filling us up; it's about filling ourselves up . . . with great company by our side.

Whether we are in a relationship or not, the first step toward attaining a grown-up love is to create a rich, balanced life for ourselves.

Life is HUGE! It is up to each and every one of us to become a part of it all. When we do, our neediness disappears. We are fulfilled. And our ability to love with a sense of confidence and joy radiates throughout our being. We become a magnet to all that is good in this world. . . and that includes a truly wonderful relationship.

Understand that the states of single-hood and marriedhood can BOTH bring great rewards. The sweet secret is to enjoy the rewards of whatever state you're in. I know of no better way to guarantee that the grass is always greenest wherever you find yourself standing.

© 2001 Susan Jeffers, Ph.D.


'Original, courageous and brilliant! Jeffers alters the mind without drugs, freeing it to free us to become ourselves.'
          ~ Warren Farrell, Ph.D., Author, Why Men Are The Way They Are and Women Can't Hear What Men Don't Say

5½ x 8¼ 272 pages ISBN: 0-9745776-7-7 $14.95

$14.95 $7.48  

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