The Little Book of Peace of Mind
Susan Jeffers, Ph.D.

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The Little Book of Peace of Mind offers a respite in a world filled with deep insecurity. This gem of a pocket-sized book offers the core teachings from the best-selling End the Struggle and Dance with Life, written by world-renowned self-help author Susan Jeffers. Her trademark warmth and acute insight are felt throughout. Readers will love the handy format, which allows them to revisit the inspirational tools whenever they wish. From time to time, we can all use help lifting our spirits and finding a sense of peace. A perfect and affordable gift item in this time of great uncertainty.

3¼ x 4 120 pages ISBN: 0-9745776-5-0


Excerpt - Release

Letting Go of Holding On
Most of us don't know how to let go. In fact, we wear life like a girdle - tight, hard, rigid, uncomfortable, and constricting. Oh, how we long to take off that girdle and breathe deeply and freely! Oh, how we long to let go of all those things that keep us immersed in struggle.We long to fly above the clouds! Yes, it's definitely time to let go!

It Feels Good to Loosen Up
I love the image of "wearing the world as a loose garment." This means: 1) not hanging on so tightly to the way it's supposed to be; 2) trusting that all is well... that life is happening perfectly; 3) seeing the possibility of love and growth that exists in all experiences - good and bad; 4) recognizing that we can face the ebb and flow of life from a place of harmony and peace instead of struggle.

Dancing With Life
How can we ever learn to dance with life when we are uptight? Dancing with life by definition means curving, blending, bending, circling and flowing - like nature. "Bad" dancers are straight, stiff and methodical, totally out of harmony with the ceaseless flow of the energy of the Universe.

Go Around the Obstacles
We can learn a lot by watching how water relates to the world around it. It's fluid. It goes around any obstacle in its way. (It doesn't stop to argue!) It flows downstream rather than struggling to push upstream as many of us are doing in life. It just goes with the flow. Perhaps that's why watching the action and rhythm of water is so peaceful to the human psyche.

Go With the Flow
We weren't born to hold onto positions.We are meant to flow in a world that is constantly moving beneath our feet. Say to yourself: "I am free. I am fluid. I am rich. I am whole. I embrace it all. I am nourished. I have much to give. I can soar. I am at peace. I let go."


'Susan Jeffers' advice is wise and wonderful'
~ Marianne Williamson, New York Times bestsellng author of A Return to Love and A Woman's Worth

3¼ x 4 120 pages ISBN: 0-9745776-5-0


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