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Make Your Own Miracle
Miracles don't happen to you; they happen through you. An astonishing new book, Shortcut To A Miracle, reveals how to get from where you are . . . to where you've barely dared to dream about going.

Santa Monica, CA (June 2005) - Ever noticed how the things you want most seem a billion light years away? Perhaps you wait tables but dream of performing on Broadway. Or you've tried to have a baby for years but pregnancy eludes you. Or you long to meet your soul mate but figure that at the age of 65, you're doomed to spend your (so-called) Golden Years alone. Whatever your "impossible dream" might be, reaching it would take a miracle. And since you don't believe in miracles - or at least you don't believe one's coming your way - you've pretty much resigned yourself to a life of back-breaking, low-paying work. . . or childlessness . . . or lonely bachelorhood.

Don't give up yet. Spiritual counselors Michael C. Rann and Elizabeth Rann Arrott say that not only is your miracle possible, it is your birthright. In their new book Shortcut To a Miracle: How To Change Your Consciousness and Transform Your Life (Jeffers Press, September 2005, ISBN: 0-9745776-8-5, $14.95), they build a convincing case that you can experience your own miracles by working with some astonishing natural principles that scientists are just beginning to understand.

"Most people think that a miracle is an event that runs counter to the laws of nature and that is 'bestowed' from above," say Rann and Arrott. "That's misleading. Miracles are perfectly natural. They are results of the Universe working the way it's intended to work. Furthermore, the person we think of as the recipient of a miracle is actually the co-creator of that miracle. We are wired for miracles. All we have to do is learn how to help them unfold."

To provide a foundation for their assertion, the authors delve into the staggering new science of quantum physics. The very characteristics of the quantum world suggest that there is no separation, no dividing line between consciousness (thought) and physical form or manifestation. We are one with the Universe and part of it. We actually participate in its operation - and it responds to us.

In other words, in tandem with the Power and Intelligence that created the Universe, you actually co-create your own reality.

All thought is creative, both positive thought and negative thought. The key to having miracles manifest in your life is to know that miracles can happen, and they can happen for you. It's that simple - but the authors admit that simple and easy are not synonymous. (If they were, everyone would be living rich, rewarding, happy lives.) To change your life, you must change the way you think. That requires discipline and practice.

Shortcut To a Miracle outlines what you can do to create your miracle, and supports its assertions with dozens of real-life stories about those who have found success using the principles the authors set forth. Here are just a few insights from the book:

  • Adopt the Miracle-Making Attitude. The frame of mind that allows miracles to unfold is comprised of five elements. Doubt in any one of these areas can have a negative impact on the manifestation of your miracle:
    1. Miracles unfold according to Universal Law. Begin right now to know that miracles do not happen by chance. They are no more random or capricious than, for example, the Law of Gravity that holds the universe together.

    2. Your miracle is possible. Any time you question whether the miracle you desire is possible, think about this awesome universe, and ask yourself if the incomprehensible Intelligence and Power responsible for creating this universe isn't far more than enough to also bring into your life whatever it is that you need or desire.

    3. Your miracle is never too big. You may wonder whether what you want or think you need is "too big." It is not too big! Ralph Waldo Emerson said it best, "There is no large or small to the Soul that maketh all."

    4. You play a major role in bringing about your miracle. You may wonder, "If it can happen, do I have any part in making it happen, or allowing it to happen?" Yes. It happens through you, not to you. Your part has to do with your belief, and your belief is the result of your thinking.

    5. You deserve miracles in your life. The final question you may have is, "Do I deserve to have something this good happen?" The answer is an unqualified, "Yes!" You deserve miracles because the Power and the Intelligence that created the universe also created you to live and enjoy life as fully and completely as you choose.

  • Stop "squirrel caging." What is squirrel caging? It's a form of negative habitual thinking when you go over the same thing in your mind repeatedly - again and again - around and around and around. (Think of a squirrel running in a paddle-wheel-type cage, getting nowhere.) The three areas where people tend to squirrel cage are:
    • when we feel wronged or insulted
    • when we make a mistake or otherwise embarrass ourselves
    • when we take a strong dislike to someone and begin mentally criticizing everything they do.

    Understand that when you begin squirrel caging, you are actually blocking your miracle. A simple, direct statement that helps many people to stop squirrel caging is, "I don't need that anymore." This statement stops the cycle and allows normal thinking to resume. Then you can begin to take charge of your thinking by focusing on what you want - your miracle - instead of what you don't want.

  • Understand the 51% rule - One of the biggest impediments to having a miracle in your life is the fear that you might not get the miracle that you desire. We water down our Miracle-Making Attitude with thoughts like: "What if I don't get another job and I lose the house?" "What if the diagnosis is positive?" "What if. . ." "What if . . ." It goes on and on. It's important not to back off from what you want because you're afraid you might not get it. Think of faith and fear as being opposite ends of the same continuum. The more afraid we are of some future event, the more fearful we become. The greater our expectancy of good, however, the stronger our faith. The important point is that we don't need 100% faith - all we need is 51% faith, and our lives begin to turn in the right direction.
  • Don't be discouraged if things appear to get worse before they get better. Paradoxically, it's not uncommon for a positive change in our lives to be preceded by a chaotic period in which a number of unsettling things take place. When you have begun the mental and emotional process that allows a miracle to move into your life, you will experience a clearing in consciousness. This process often involves the shifting around of many things and many patterns in your life. It actually ties in with what is known in quantum physics as chaos theory. Just remember that, no matter what it looks like, beneath any chaotic appearance lies order and harmony. Stay focused on your miracle and not on unfavorable circumstances.
  • Ultimately, say Rann and Arrott, the more you align your thinking with what you want, the more fully empowered you become, and the more transformed your life becomes.

    "The wonderful truth is that in the process of getting your miracle, you're opening the door to other miracles," they assert. "When you work toward a miracle in one area of your life - your health for instance - you actually lay the groundwork for miracles in the other areas, namely, prosperity, success and relationships."

    "You will discover a whole new life that's richer, fuller and more abundant than you ever thought possible," the authors add. "Even your problems become steppingstones rather than obstacles. If it sounds too good to be true, I assure you that it is not. I've seen it happen again and again. Start today. You will find that you are supported in your choice by a loving Presence that provides - without question and all the time - all you could ever want or need."

    # # #

    About the authors: Spiritual counselors Michael C. Rann and Elizabeth Rann Arrott have spent more than sixty years, combined, examining the laws of miracles, their operation and application. This groundbreaking book is the culmination of their lifework.

    Michael is Director of the Science of Mind Center in Chicago. Elizabeth is Director of the Science of Mind Center in Evanston, Illinois. With extensive backgrounds as sales and advertising executives, they are charismatic speakers and dynamic teachers. A former husband-wife team, both Michael and Elizabeth live in Chicago, Illinois.

    About the book: Shortcut To a Miracle: How To Change Your Consciousness and Transform Your Life (Jeffers Press, September 2005, ISBN: 0-9745776-8-5, $14.95) is available in bookstores nationwide and through all major online booksellers.

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