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Change your Thinking…Change your Life

Science is proving that positive inner talk can not only calm your
mind and increase your overall happiness, it can actually transform your life.

Santa Monica, CA. (April 2006) - If you are like most individuals, you probably tend to get bogged down in negative thinking. The everyday stresses inherent in our harried lives encourage much of this negativity. And so does the fear that follows us from childhood into our adult lives. There is a way, however, to overcome these detrimental thought patterns that ruin the quality of our lives.

Study after study has shown that the repetition of positive thoughts allows you to "out-talk" the negativity in your mind, thereby giving you genuine transformational power over your actions and reactions to what is happening in your life. As a result, you experience a natural high and are empowered to achieve your dreams as you become healthier and happier.

Susan Jeffers, Ph.D., internationally acclaimed self-help author, jokes that she "self-helps herself" by constantly repeating certain inner thoughts and affirmations that have certainly made a difference in her life. As a result of her success with positive inner-talk, she created THE FEAR-LESS SERIES, now being released for the first time on audio CD. THE FEAR-LESS SERIES includes Inner Talk for a Confident Day, Inner Talk for a Love That Works and Inner Talk for Peace of Mind. "Any time I feel the world is getting me down, I simply put one of these CDs into my CD player and in a very short time I can feel the stress or upset - or both - disappearing from my mind and my body. It’s a heavenly feeling, indeed!"

Sample just a few of the inner thoughts and affirmations that appear on these CDs. As you read the following, notice how a sense of power, love and peace radiates from the words. Imagine listening to these words, accompanied by inspirational music, as you are dressing in the morning...driving to work...caring for your child...going to sleep at night...

From Inner Talk for a Confident Day

  1. Right now I am choosing to create a beautiful day. I commit to focusing on all that is wonderful within and around me. I take special notice of all the blessings in my life - the sky, the trees, good friends, good food, a compliment, a helping hand, or whatever riches are put before me. Yes,
  2. I am creating a beautiful day.
    I am creating a beautiful day.
    I am creating a beautiful day.

  3. I am getting in touch with the enormous power within me - power to grow, power to change, power to create joy and satisfaction in my life, power to act, power to move forward, power to love and be loved. I constantly remind myself...
  4. I am powerful and I am loving.
    I am powerful and I am loved.
    I am powerful and I love it!     

  5. I nod my head up and down instead of side to side. I let go of my resistance and allow in new possibilities. I relax my body and calmly survey each situation. I delight in the opportunity to taste all that life has to offer...the bitter along with the sweet.
  6. I say "Yes!" to it all.
    I say "Yes!" to it all.
    I say "Yes!" to it all.

    From Inner Talk for a Love that Works

  7. I am your friend. I am on your side. I am sending you thoughts of love. I listen to and I hear what you have to say. I open my heart to receive. I accept all your actions as your desire to be loved. I see the beauty within you.
  8. I am letting in your love.
    I am letting in your love.
    I am letting in your love.

  9. I thank you for listening and loving and caressing and cajoling and laughing and trying and hoping and caring and being and doing and buying and supporting and sharing and helping and nurturing and protecting and walking the walk and talking the talk. I thank you for being a part of my life.
  10. Thank you.
    Thank you.
    Thank you.

  11. I let go of fairy tale expectations that set me up for disappointment. The only expectation I have of this relationship - or any relationship, whether it lasts one week, twenty-five years, or until death do us part - is that I will learn more about opening my heart and becoming a more loving person.
  12. I am opening my heart to love.
    I am opening my heart to love.
    I am opening my heart to love.

    From Inner Talk for Peace of Mind

  13. I let go of my worry about money. I release all thoughts of scarcity. There is always enough. I am capable of creating everything I need. I move into the light and see the huge expanse of possibility.
  14. Life is an exciting adventure.
    Life is an exciting adventure.
    Life is an exciting adventure.

  15. I ease up on myself. I need not rush. I let go and allow the river to carry me to new adventures. I obey the laws of Eternal Rhythm. There is plenty of time for me to do everything I need to do. I constantly remind myself...
  16. There is plenty of time.
    There is plenty of time.
    There is plenty of time.

  17. I am at peace. All the weights are now being lifted from my shoulders. I feel calm. I feel free. I let in the loving Light of the Universe. I feel the warmth course throughout my body. I become the Light.
  18. I touch the beauty of who I am.
    I touch the beauty of who I am.
    I touch the beauty of who I am.

Imagine listening to such thoughts daily. Imagine the negative thoughts slowly being replaced with positive thoughts. Imagine seeing the world with the beauty of the best of who you are. That’s what constant repetition of these CDs would allow to happen. Amazingly, you do not need to believe the words for them to have a powerful effect on your life. By just hearing them over and over again, they will become automatic in your thinking, hence moving you into a happier, healthier and more peaceful way of being. Susan also wants to let you in on a little secret. She has received feedback from a number of fans that these CDs are perfect for calming their small children when nothing else is working. Come to think of it, what better time to embrace all these thoughts of peace, power and love than when we are very young?

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About the Author:

Susan Jeffers, Ph.D. is a best-selling author and celebrated speaker. Sales of her works are well into the millions, reaching more than one hundred countries and having been translated into thirty-six languages. Susan’s eighteen books include Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway, End the Struggle and Dance with Life, Embracing Uncertainty, Opening Our Hearts to Men, Life is Huge!, The Feel the Fear Guide to Lasting Love, I Can Handle It! (co-author with Donna Gradstein), The Little Book of Confidence and The Little Book of Peace of Mind, as well as a Fear-Less series of affirmation books and audios. In the fall of 2004, The Times of the U.K. named Susan "the Queen of Self-Help" - ranking her alongside such influential leaders as Nelson Mandela and the Dalai Lama. Her popular website is

About the Fear-Less Audio CDs:

In the Inner Talk for a Confident Day CD (Jeffers Press, 2006, ISBN 0-9745776-3-4, $12.95) Susan Jeffers offers you positive inner talk to help you find all the courage and confidence you need in order to face each day with a sense of power and love. Listening to these inspiring thoughts first thing in the morning or throughout the day will bring forward the best of who you are.

In the Inner Talk for A Love That Works CD (Jeffers Press, 2006, ISBN 0-9745776-1-8, $12.95), Susan Jeffers provides you with comforting inner talk to help you overcome the stumbling blocks to a successful relationship...with yourself as well as with others. Whether you are in a relationship or not, this CD will help you open your heart and keep you moving towards the most loving part of who you are.

In the Inner Talk for Peace of Mind CD (Jeffers Press, 2006, ISBN 0-9745776-0-X, $12.95), Susan Jeffers gives you the inner dialogue you need to create an atmosphere of inner peace. These empowering words will soothe the turmoil of your mind and enable you to find that place of peace within where you know that you can handle anything that life hands you.

All the above Inner Talk CDs can be purchased in bookstores nationwide and through all major online booksellers as well as online at

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